Sunday, November 15, 2009


We know if live need someone else around us, and there so many caracter of us, but we have could be increasing from the different, we take more positive think for someone else to incresing our performance

Like smile, smile is one of small done, but its has big effect for or live, you can hear sound around u, smile is one way to know people from the other village, or may be from the other country, with smile people can accept us to their environment, with smile we can love more people, with smile we can solve the problem, with smile we can do everthing is becomes simplely, so lets practice smile to everyone, in every condition, and every place we are, but how to practice a good smile or very nice smile here its i will tell u about practice smile to the other people.

  1. every you get up in the morning you must practice facial gymnastics like a move your mouth to top, bottom, left or right side, :)
  2. clean your heart from the dirty mind and having a good positive think
  3. open your eyers wide so you can accepted good reason to smile
  4. try to smile to the people who met you along trough your way
  5. keep trying :)
OKEY everybody let's practice smile to the other people around us start now..

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  1. hehehe.... finally i can write english but its more complicated case u know but im happy now. thanks to everybody


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