Monday, November 23, 2009


Do you know about afirmation, about Ta'lim, Tausyiah and Sharing ? Ok let me tell you about the different one by one. Our Surrounding always give more think, positive and negatif but we have to do the positive think, cause if we are goo we will get good too. so if we have positif think we will get the positif think too from the others. its mean from surround us.

so let's learn about the words above. from my title you know...

hem... okey.
To day in my office, we are always "sharing" on every morning, on this forum we always shared about information especially the positive information, and to day the topic is about the different of AFIRMASI, TAUSYIAH, TA'LIM, SHARING.

The equations of both is we are in one place together but there are few different thing that i will share with u.

Affirmation is put positive things into our subconscious about the things that positive spirit that we are sure can provide a positive

Tausyiah is that we provide a positive thing to all people present in the group. with the beginning statement of gratitude to God and ended with a prayer to God.

Ta'lim is a form of joint activities that begins with thanksgiving to God and learn about both the right and wrong from a book and reviewed for the good of us all that we get something positive in life, this activity in the end with beg forgiveness of the Almighty God so that we get good in the world and the hereafter

Sharing is an activity carried out together in groups, this activity started with good intentions, positive and want to share about the positive things that we share what really works for us and the people who listen to us.

hem... i think is enough to day about a litlle information that i share to u guys. i apologize deeply may be wrong in writing. Tq

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  1. weleh-weleh iki opo tho yo hem coment2 g ada yang coment


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