Monday, July 7, 2008

Fresh Morning

Fresh Morning

This morning I felt so different because it was so sleepy and lack of sleep last night but thank God I have a cool work environment that can still be pumping the spirit to remain active day ahead

The morning is a wonderful start to move especially if we can get up early again we seemed to do a lot of fun activities so that our mind feels fresh and alive.

So when if we want to live a better life try and try to get up early morning air felt cool, try to look around maybe from there we will be inspired, from the bright morning air is clean, will also make our minds become more able to focus on what will do next

Much of what we find when we get up in the morning, when we were young and were used up in the morning then later on when we are married will be more easily felt in the react, respond habits in life, wake up in the morning not just when we sleep activity due to up in the morning is also a cycle for me hehehe...

But it's up to my friends who do not usually get up early do not try and I guarantee you'll open your mouth and hold hehehe ... do not believe try it again .. but the oath, my friend try to occasionally get up in the morning and feel the difference ...


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