Sunday, July 6, 2008

UAS (End Semester Examination) again..

Dated July 7, 2008 well the war again with the name test
well said do not try to know at this one bogey this is the end of our long struggle was educated for 6 months ...but why we should be fighting well.

It's all kinds of steam coming out when we are in a destitute condition as when going through UAS (End Semester Examination) may have become a culture all people east of lazy in preparing everything before it actually happened. Not to forget to UTS well when it's the end of the struggle, the end of all kinds training, the end of all kinds of forging, is it possible we could end up with a beautiful (like Jikustik) would result later as sweet as what we expect and it all depends on the seriousness we are in front of his education as a lecturer.

UAS (End Semester Examination) is not something that should be in fear or that we hate most it's just that sometimes we have been burned, but wanted to learn to relax can be a good result, perhaps the culture that makes us sometimes make the UAS as a scourge. Well depending on us in the react, if we've prepared mentally I'm sure would be easy to deal with the name UAS (End Semester Examination) so do not be afraid to name UAS due to the UAS can we measure our ability, as my girlfriend reminds me that time we were eating together in the regular customers she said "My job a lot and may not be the type with a computer" I was surprised it was not for mercy in the era of advanced current task is still in handwritten, but from there, I understood that the originality of ideas it should be in original handwritten, not only copy paste... BRAVO Sweetheart.

To my friends well for the 45’s spirit of UAS, this year we'll be together again ..
for the next semester I'm waiting at the gates of Campus UWKS bye-bye....

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