Thursday, July 3, 2008


July 10, Lek Jo going whitewater rafting again did well although this plan a little impromptu times yes or rather it had long planned for a date only slightly less right in the heart want to know why refer to well

Early July is the beginning of the school for new students, for high school graduates who want to go to university level or for a junior high school you went to high school or for the small brothers of your entry into kindergarten is the month of July holiday and make the people dizzy parents or for students who want to keep learning right?

Another month when I was in the battle, the fight against the problem and UAS to be first class, one can let me pitch the next semester, but unfortunately there is little lump this time the Office requires all staff to participate OUTBOUND TRAINING & rafting.

I was also thrilled that his challenge, but for time rather complications, this is the fourth time I'm going to jump the river again, challenging river water pouring “Pekalen River” at Probolinggo East Java but when it enters a shallow river in July ... but for those who would never cried over the sensation, if my sensations remain and that there is only exciting because it can both friends in the river water pouring challenging

Takes courage and guts as well but the most important intention is not to be trifled and merge with nature do not like to challenge nature because nature has its own strength and we can not conquer it if he had been instructed to speak then of the prayer so my friends let us safely to so I'm going to experience when we get home later from white water rafting again for the photos before I had, when I go home I'm going to share you all.

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  1. akhirnya berhasil juga bikin read more hehehe...skr mu pasang apa itu namae bisa enggak yah..?? emotion


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