Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Head Master of Library

Life is always changing, moving at will without knowing the signs that but that's a lesson to be taken, we humans can only try to fix, fight and struggle to make sense of life, today there are stories from my office longer exists seasons rotation or call ... what mutations well, well enough to make people excited need a big heart to accept the various decisions that set.

For smooth job, for the vision and mission and ultimate goal of a responsibility it is necessary a change in the working atmosphere, in a series of responsibilities and the responsibilities description, a clear organizational structure and guidance from our boss.
Atmosphere of sadness mingled with the quiet chill of the heart, willingly, took off and accept the situation and it should be the responsibility we have this mentality, the soul of a leader must be brave when he led and also he should dare to come down when he had to come down and give full responsibility to the new generation ..
"I made the rearview mirror for your car when you walk with your speed" is the word that becomes motivation in the next leadership
well life is moving forward like a spinning wheel, over and over so ready or not ready then prepare yourself to welcome our life goes on ...
Bravo New Head Master and Thanks God

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